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Helpdesk Scripts

We offer feature rich helpdesk scripts that are designed to lessen your support work load. Whether you need a solution for a small business or you need enterprise level support, we help you streamline your support. You can use our system entirely yourself or have as many staff members as necessary. Each staff member can cover all messages or you can assign different staff members specific categories and/or departments to cover.

Tickets or live support
Ability to have unlimited users, staff members and administrators
Collect messages through Emails or your site
Staff/Administrators can cover different categories and departments
Attachment and upload handling
Built in knowledgebase with voting
Canned responses, no need to type the same thing over and over
Spam filtering

Written in PHP and MySQL

Your server must have PHP, cron jobs and MySQL installed, your server must also have ionCube. If you do not meet these requirements, we can host it for you for $12.00 per month. If you host your site with us the first month will be free!


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To order this script, please start the process by entering the URL where the script will be installed.

We strive to offer efficient helpdesk software. Good support software should not only handle tickets but try to solve your customer's problem before they need to contact support.

Our system has the ability to display articles in your support area. The articles can also contain single images, rotating images, audio and video so you can bring more information to your customers. You can use this so people can solve their problems themselves. This will offer a better experience to your customers and reduces your support costs. People can vote on articles so they can indicate to your support staff if articles are helpful. You can adjust articles if they are deemed not helped.

People can submit tickets through Email or a form on your website. If they are submitting tickets through your website they can specify a department, category and sub category for the ticket. They can upload files if they need to or you can turn this ability off. The system collects essential information such as the ticket subject and body plus the name and Email address of the person that has submitted the ticket.

Your site will have a staff area where your support staff can respond to tickets. You can restrict staff members to certain departments and categories. They can also chat live to the people seeking support. If the same question is being asked repeatedly the administration can add pre-written or canned responses so staff members don't have to type the same response frequently, this is a great time saver for your staff members or administrators. You can monitor the activities of your staff in your administration area.

In your administration area you can respond to tickets and use the live chat feature just like the staff area. Additionally you can edit settings, knowledgebase articles and Email templates. You can define the departments, categories and sub categories of tickets plus the categories of knowledgebase articles. You can have multiple administrators and restrict them to specific departments categories or functions of your administration area.

The staff and administration areas are fully documented in form of a manual to assist you in the settle setup of your support system.
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